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Payday Punks Might Just Give You Lending Advice

We are the Payday Punks and we're ready to get WICKED CRAZY!

A Short-term Financial Solution

Whats up, pay day loans? We are right up in your face! Coming at you with torn jeans and hair over our eyes, swinging blindly at the world and wreaking havoc on lenders. We're bad baby! Bad and ready to tussle with any lending service that gets in our wandering way. Some advances piss us off, piss us right off, so we're fighting back and returning the pain to the lenders. So hold on, and get ready for some serious rumbling with us - rock out!

Our partners take financial solutions to the streets

Ain't no thang! We aren't afraid of no pay day advance! Right, we'll fight any loan that steps on our cyberstreet - which happens to be everywhere so lenders? Watch your step! We're crazy, man, never know what we'll do, when we'll freak out and throw ourselves right through your windows. We have no regard for your rules or your business etiquette. Etiquette went out the window a long time ago, man, when you started charging 300% APR and more for your dirty payday loans and making the whole country poor. Bad karma! And bad luck for you buddy boy, you mess with the us, you mess with the wrong crew.

Power to the people

We got no mission or resolve, justa desire to rumble and get tough with advances as they come our way. People gotta know how to fight for their financial rights, and just because a payday cash advance is there doesn't mean you should take it. Join up with the Punks and learn the downside of lending - and see how you can save the most when you absolutely need funds. We'll initiate you on online advances and how to go about getting them. We don't need no education, just a loudness in loans! Screaming straight in your face until you finally get it. Payday loans aren't about money, they're about survival! And the our partners will show you the best ways to survive. So come on, join up with the Punks in our insane rumbles, and fight for your payday loan savings like never before! Apply now, or find out more information on the other pages.

Get real

Yeah yeah, we know what your thinking. Why should I listen to a bunch of punks? Don't you get it, man? Don't you see the problem? You need our help because you are all alone! Your lender won't help you get past debt, and nobody will give you the real information about borrowing that you need to make a smart decision. We're your family now, you are a Payday Punk, and we'll prepare you to face the cash loan world with half-hearted disillusion!

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