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Payday Punks - keeping it real since 1988.

Man, we're Payday Punks, don't you get it? We own this neighborhood, had to fight off the FinanceFreaks and the Murderous Madmen of Mortgages just to keep our turf, but its all part of the game, you know? All part of the loan life - pain, poverty, and payments. But we survive man, we got the stuff, the juice to get your payday loans going and to protect our extensive payday family from the lending hypocrites wanting to make a buck off your misery. We've been rumbling with the financial industry for decades, the cops cant find us because they don't know where we are. We're in the shadows, breaking off some lender who got too greedy. We're in your bars and your pool halls keeping a close eye on all the moves. We're everywhere, fighting for consumer justice - the Payday Punks are here to fight and protect. Don't get served by some high-cost payday loan. Listen up, educate yourself, cuz the Payday Punks are out in the streets, spreading the smart money word with our cyber-fitti and screams, rolling our own smokes with the dollar bills we help all our fellow punks save on loans. Enough italics, thats cheap junk, corporate tricks of the payday trade. get with it, get with the Payday Punks - helping you rumble your way through debt and high payments, helping you rock through the night with the money you save, sleeping on your old couch, drinking the last of your milk, and taking to the cyberstreets looking for payday loans to maul. Watch out! The Punks are on the loose!

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