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Cash Advance

There are a billion different reasons why not to borrow, but a few good ones remain to make these loans beneficial.

A Short-term Financial Solution - The Reason

Desiree "Madonna of the Loans" Smith is a brand new Punk, initiated only recently after a brilliantly ruthless scourge of the Freaks hideout in Miami Beach. She's a real scrappy broad, fights dirty and mean, and loathes any cash advance with a passion thought lost since the time of Luther Vandross. A straight up Payday Punk till the end, and a thorn in an obese side of advances. Watch out! Shes bad.

Say hello to Miss Desiree

I don't care nothing about no cash advance! I don't care nothing about nobody, and I'll fight you to prove it! I'm bad, Payday Punks. I'm bad to the bone, universe! I don't even care about me, thats how punk I am and thats just how it has to be! Watch out, here comes the Madonna! Train nothin', you can't stop a volcano! KA -BOOOOOOOOOM, baby! Your payday advance means nothing to me! Your fast cash loan is NOTHING!!

She sure is bad, all the Punks are afraid of her, but she has good ideas about borrowing

Yeah, I hate those dog gone personal loans, but you know? They have to be good for something, otherwise there wouldn't be a reason to get them in the first place.

  • An advance against your paycheck is a great means to get money - fast. Now, the problem is deciding between financial emergency and financial necessity.
  • Yes, you need money to pay off some bills and if you wait until payday your payment will be late. Should you take out funds? Perhaps, if the costs of your late payment exceeds the cost of borrowing. But even then, will you be able to repay the balance when payday arrives, or will you be tempted to keep the money, pay the "small" loan fee and roll-over your loan for another two weeks. You might need to make the payment, but the cost of the loan might make your needs simply have to wait.
  • in a financial emergency, you need money now no matter what, and this is the true design for a pay day advance. Not for spending money, not for a fun weekend out, but for medical emergencies, or a bill you have to pay or else you go into derelict status. Do not let pushy collection agencies force you into taking out an advance to pay off your other debts. Fight for your rights, dude! Keep on the borrowing struggle! Join up with the punks and help all of us fight off the predatory lenders, the bad seeds of payday loans!

And remember what the D.S. says - if yall can't stands the heat of borrowing, get out the cyber-kizzitchen! So, stay tough and keep on with a payday loan.

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