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Payday Loans

Short-term loans seem like a great idea for fast cash until the paycheck arrives and all your money is gone.

Cash Advances - Where They Finally Get Ya

Fast money - you can't beat it. You need to pay off that bill, what. You have a loan shark at your door demanding you pay him or else, so you're speeding on your computer looking for online advances - and you find them! You get your money and write that goon his check, then you wait until the paycheck to pay that online lender back. But then the paycheck comes, and you aren't ready to part with your little green friends, so you roll over your loans for another two weeks and go out to that nightclub with your number one squeeze. Right there...the lenders have you. You've been trapped by borrowing and you don't even know it. Lame dude, very un-Punk.

Listen up to some stuff about borrowing

The moment you decide to hold onto your paycheck and satisfy your lender by paying that 'small' extension fee on your balance is the very second you've fallen into the costly trap of payday loans. How?

  • although the extension fee may seem small - usually $15-$20 per $100 borrowed - it still amounts to an unfair proportion of your loan amount.
  • for that first two weeks before your next paycheck you pay $15, or 15%, of the loan. If you roll over your pay day loans you pay another $15, or another 15%, for 30% of your loan. 30% per month times twelve months in a year - although we dropped out of school and couldn't care less about math and reading and all that lame stuff even the Punks know that comes to an annual percentage rate (APR dude, remember) of 360%.

360% APR sucks, especially when its attached to a former quick payday, and thats why we're out there rumbling around for your right to save your finances. These services are super expensive, enough to enrage even our own apathy, so we finds them and beats them up real good. Nope, we don't play nice when same day lending options are hanging around.

Punch your debt right in the mouth

Thats right, Punk, give 'em a sock to the kisser. Make it hurt - and it will when you give up borrowing. Your fist might sting a bit at first, living the life of a financial punk ain't easy, but once you're a Payday Punk you're a Punk all the way, from your first dollar saved till your last dying day. Whatever man, even Punks like their punk musicals, and we sang about borrowing through our entire rumble with the Dirty Dollar Death Squadron. Ohh, those Dirty Dollars fought mean, but some of them were stand up drapes. Real fighters. Mean dudes. We even hooked up to beat back the Murderous Madmen of Mortgages back when they thought their hood was the best, better than payday advance even. But we showed those Madmen, we showed them all who runs the cyberstreets. The Punks - keeping it real on the cyberstreets and throwing fists for cheap lending solutions and your financial freedom.

Advances you should reckon with

Nothing says Payday Punk better than applying for bad credit loans and makin' your credit even dirtier than before. Oh so Punk, man, so straight punk. On the other hand, if you're a real square and think going out and firing a gun for the man is a way to make a living, you aren't punk and you need military advances just to pay the Punks away from beating you silly. No joke, man, us Punks love a good rumble anytime, and if you think you can get tough on payday advances without the Punks - well - you are gonna get served! No joke, and no fax lending neither. No fax, just quick payday loans.

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