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Payday Advance

People will talk a lot of trash about a payday advance - don't listen to none of them!

Payday Advance - Avoid The Lies

You can't trust nobody with your borrowing except your new family - the Payday Punks. We know all about the industry lies, and we're ready to fight along side you for your financial safety. Because borrowing is great, but only if you have a dozen or so filthy toughs backing you up.

Any advance is packed full of misguidance

What is the reason behind charging over 300% annual interest for a loan and how can those lenders always get away with it? Simple, people are stupid. You, me, every Punk alive is dumb as a doorknob and ten times as dull. We just ain't sharp, but so what? Who needs brains on these fearsome cyberstreets, when the Bums and the Madmen and the FinanceFreaks are all waiting around every corner to trounce the Punks once and for all? We need instincts dude, and our instincts are telling us all that a short-term financial solution is a suckers loan. Heres why:

  • since the lending industry just blew up a few years ago, lenders claimed their high loan "fees" were reasonable for the high risk of their loans, and we all bought it and paid the money straight away.
  • But the fact is a payday advance ain't all that dangerous for the lender, and is in fact about equal to the risk posed by credit cards.
  • In Colorado, one of the only states to actively regulate their lenders, the reported rate of charge-offs for all payday lending is about 3%, and on average charged the equivalent of 485.26% APR through their "fees" for their service.
  • In California, the state keeping closest watch of their credit card companies, the average rate of charge-offs on credit cards is 2.7%, and these lenders change between 15-22% APRs.
  • When equaled off for risk, the interest comes out to be 19.85 times more costly than credit cards. Dude, that SUCKS!

We spray painted those figures on a highway outside our cyberhood and people honked all day long as they drove by - oh yeah, Payday Punks rule! But then the jerks they turned around - after hearing the facts straight from our spray cans - and they still went out and got them financial relief. Once again, we are all of us dumb as dumb can possibly be when it comes to our abuse and dependence on borrowing. But at the end of the day it just ain't worth it - you say borrow, we say be patient.

What you get by being a Punk

Payday Punks live by one rule and one rule alone - when you see a payday loan, go ahead and bash it good! But just because we bash some short-term financial solutions doesn't mean we still can't borrow - just borrow wisely and be sure you can pay your balance back. Debt accumulates not because of our forever low incomes, but because we make the wrong financial decisions and our loans are wack. If you take out funds and want to call yourself punk , really beat 'em senseless by paying off your debt right away. Use these services as emergency sources of cash only, and use smart financial spending techniques like savings, limited credit use, and investing in brass knuckles, booze and fireworks. Rock on! err...Punk On! Yeah. thats the way.

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